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Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen 2567

Relax to the fullest and enjoy panoramic views of Khon Kaen’s cityscape from Ad Lib Khon Kaen!

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Stay 3 Pay 2

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With our ‘Stay 3 Pay 2’ = ‘FREE NIGHT promotion’, you can enjoy THREE nights for the price of TWO.

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Ad Lib Getaway

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Bringing Ad Lib’s casual elegance and effortless charm from Bangkok to the crossroads of Northeastern Thailand’s hub of innovation and creativity, Ad Lib Khon Kaen, our latest hotel, with bursts of Isan flair in harmony with warm tones throughout, embraces local crafts and modern comforts.

As part of the Khon Kaen Innovation Centre, our hotel is supplemented by 900 MWh of solar power per year, including the utilisation of many renewable and recycled materials, we are the first eco-friendly hotel in the region.

Even with all the technology that has been incorporated, we maintain our original promise to be “a comfortable place where anyone can hang out at anytime feeling alive and engaged, so that you’ll always feel a sense of warm welcome and human connection, leaving with all the best memories that last – remembering the people you happen upon, the food you ate, the coffee you drank and the pleasant surroundings.”

Stay with us

Relax in our thoughtfully designed rooms after an exciting adventure around Khon Kaen, incorporating both local crafts and contemporary comforts. We’ve collaborated with local artisans to create many of our amenities and decor, from handwoven furnishings, wheel turned ceramics to durable basketry and mats, using sustainable, natural and modern materials. All to represent the Isan charm and flair.

Interior decor is inspired by the traditional weaving techniques and materials reminiscent of Isan, from rattan furniture made with bamboo to woodwork typically found in the region.

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Whatever kind of food you choose, you can’t lose

With a wide array of cuisines and flavours to choose from, whether rooted in the locale or beckoning from various parts of the world, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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Explore and enjoy the flavours at Khon Kaen’s latest culinary destination, featuring four creative venues with delicious and satisfying menus, all curated by a passionate team of local and international experts.

Kaenkaew – Live House

Enjoy the night with local and international music artists at our live house and rooftop bar with sweeping views of Khon Kaen, Isan’s cultural melting pot. An intimate and playful live house for music and performing arts lovers, curating only the best Thai and visiting talents, with complete creative freedom unbound by genre nor conventions.

Kaenkaew means “playful and not playing by the rules.” It is a place that aims to both embrace Thai thriving live-music culture, and challenge it by placing performance at the centre of the experience, enhanced by unmatched sound quality and collaborative programming that gives the artists the freedom to design their own show. Its purpose is only to entertain. But in doing so, we hope to elevate modern Thai culture and creative industries through the power of international exposure.

Whether it’s by day or by night, we’ll have you gloriously entertained, while immersed in all that this city of fun has to offer.

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