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When do you arrive?

Isan Creative Festival – เทศกาลอีสานสร้างสรรค์

Every year from February – April, the creatives of Isan get together, alongside creatives from all over Thailand, and breathe some creative life into the city. From arts to innovation to the sharing of ideas and ideologies, the city becomes a hub for fostering creativity, in all the different aspects, during this festival. Check out more at

Sithan Festival By Khon Kaen University – สีฐานเฟสติวัล

Water, the most precious of commodities, and what the livelihood of the farmers depends upon, is worshipped and given its due respect at this festival. Held by Khon Kaen University, the Loy Krathong festival is a spectacle here, with various beauty contests, a fire boat parade, a famous movie screening, and lots of food and drinks to taste and try. Temple fairs like those found 30 years ago, with Ferris wheels, live Mor Lam music, a night museum, and uch more await.

For more information, go here:

Khon Kaen International Marathon – ขอนแก่นมาราธอนนานาชาติ

Prepare your running shoes and brace yourself for an exhilarating race in Isan! The International Marathon takes place every year in January in the vibrant city of Khon Kaen. So, get your heart pumping and join in on this thrilling event. Check out the event details and register here:


Smart EV Charger

We provide EV smart charger with the latest technology that is user friendly.

The charging fee is billed to the payment method of your choice according to the actual usage. The EV users can simply start charging without the need to download an application. However, having an app is more convenient for the next time usage.

7kW AC Charging Time

Small battery 50kW – 7.15 hours
Standard size battery 70kW – 10 hours
Large battery 90kW – 12.50 hours.

Please note that different battery size takes in at different speeds and charging time can vary depending on vehicle climatisation, the electric loads in the vehicle, and ambient temperature.

The charging connector is Type 2 and is compatible to the majority of electric vehicles as well as plug-in models.

Park & outdoor

If you’d like to be surrounded by oases wherever you go, you’re in luck – Ad Lib Bangkok is just a stone’s throw from two of Bangkok’s biggest parks, each with activities where you can while the time away in the lushness of the tropics. Just a 25-minute jog or 7-minute drive, or even a 12 minute bicycle ride if you’re up to it, Lumpini Park and Benjakitti Forest Park are very easily accessible.

Lumpini Park, or Suan Lum as it is known locally, is a green lung in Bangkok’s city center. It boasts trees that are over 50 years old, along with ample, interconnected lakes, through which you can paddle boat or even row, in cutesy boats decorated like swans and ducks. You might find public aerobics sessions in full swing, along with Tai Chi enthusiasts, if you visit in the mornings and evenings. These are open to all. The Bangkok Symphony Orchestra also holds concerts in parks every now and then.

Suan Lum also has an extensive Sports and Recreational Center with indoor and outdoor gyms, pool, a hall where dance classes and even taekwondo are taught, amongst other things. Pop on over to find out more about the full array of services on offer.

Suan Lum connects to the newly opened Benjakitti Forest Park via a walkway that takes you over some of Bangkok’s busiest roads, along with old Thai communities and klongs, or Thai canals. The Forest Park is made up of three park sections, one of which encircles a huge lake, with a bicycle and walking track around the lake. The second park is filled with trees and plants, and conducive for a stroll through. The main part of the park, from where the forest gets its name, has elevated walkways snaking through lotus ponds, ancient (and large) trees, and swamplike surrounds, where nature thrives. This walkway is a popular Instagram spot for locals, especially at sunset.


A stone’s throw from all you’d ever need, Ad Lib sits at the heart of all the excitement that Bangkok is known for.

Feel like a party? Ad Lib is a 3-minute car ride to Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok’s nightlife hub, with popular restaurants, bars, and clubs. Here, you can take in Sukhumvit’s spectacular sights from up top, at Above 11, while enjoying a Peruvian-inspired cocktail and Japanese-Peruvian dishes.

Or wander over to the Havana Social, the speakeasy bar down an alley nearby. Some of the area’s top restaurants and bars line the street as well – perfect for a bar-hopping and eating night in Bangkok.

The prestigious Bumrungrad Hospital is next door, along with Vitalife Wellness Center for preventative health. Here, you can get all matter of elective treatments, from physiotherapy to skin lasers, medical beauty treatments, and more. On your stroll out towards the main road, why not check out Sombat Permpoon gallery enroute, and see the work of iconic Thai artists while getting a firsthand feel of the Thai art scene? Restaurants dot Sukhumvit Soi 1, while neighboring Soi 3 plays host to a vibrant Arabic sub-culture, with shisha restaurants, kebab stalls, and more.

For more information on what to do and where to go, check out the shopping and around town sections of this page as well.


It’s your access to all areas, when you stay with us – we’re a hop to the nearest Skytrain station, a skip to the main road and nearby destinations, and a jump to key public transport connections to the rest of the city!

Ad Lib Bangkok’s prime location means private and public transport is easily accessible by foot or even on call, depending on your needs. The NANA and Ploenchit Skytrain stations are a 5-minute walk from the hotel – our on-call shuttle bus reduces this to a 2-minute walk. If you need to connect to other transport hubs, such as the MRT subway line, the Skytrain station takes you there – it’s just one stop down from the NANA station. Get off at Asoke station, which interconnects to the Sukhumvit MRT subway station. Getting to and from the hotel to the airport is easy, as we are right next to the expressway that takes you all the way to both Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang airports, inbound and outbound.

Taxis are easy to hail down – once you’re on the main road, and even in our street, thanks to the constant flow of visitors to the hospital nearby. Alternatively, private taxis can be arranged – or simply use a ride-hailing app, and you’ll be on your way in no time.


There’s many a spot for a cheeky cocktail at the grounds – poolside, by the bar, in our al fresco area with a cascading green wall, in cosy corners within the restaurant, or hidden away in enclaves around the hotel. Done speakeasy style, you tell our mixologist the flavors you’re feeling, and he will concoct up a surprise for you, based on those feels.

We’ve also got craft beers from small and exclusive Thai artisan brands, along with much lauded, yet lesser known (in Thailand) craft beer brands, carefully selected for their uniqueness, all the way from Japan.
And of course, rarefound anywhere else, is our Soju selection, handpicked by our Korean-born GM.

Beef Wellington

Another rare find, exclusive to Ad Lib, is our Beef Wellington menu. A dish that’s hard to find on typical restaurant menus, ours has not 1, not 2, but 3 types to choose from. What makes this, such a popular item on our menu, you ask? For the beef options, the beef comes from specialty farms hand-picked for their premium quality produce, from a village in Japan known for its Wagyu. The Australian beef option comes from an artisan farm. All Beef Wellingtons are accompanied by forest mushrooms sourced from France, chosen so for their distinctive, buttery flavour and subtle scent. Each Wellington is lovingly prepared, piece-by-piece, upon order.